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Our blog hosts new articles weekly, mainly from Dr. Fred, though there are guest posts occasionally. Please check it out and if interested, subscribe to our email notifications. Click on the Word Press icon to the right to go to our blog.

Study-Grow-Know (SGK), exists to encourage believers in their daily walk with the Lord, through their own personal study and knowledge of His Word, the Bible.


We endeavor to provide articles, books, and audio messages from a conservative, biblical perspective. This is done heavily relying on the absolute and final truth and authority of God’s Word in relation to contemporary, political, religious, and cultural movements.


Thank you for visiting Study-Grow-Know Ministries today. We hope you have a blessed day in the Lord.

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All of Dr. Fred’s audio messages are housed at Sermon Audio, with new messages each week covering a variety of topics. To go there, click on the Sermon Audio image.

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All books written by Dr. Fred are available through Amazon; over 30 books on a variety of subjects. Just click the Technocracy to Tribulation cover to go there.

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